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Our Story 

Meet our founders

Dr. Abraham Hollist

Pharm D, C. Ph
CEO | Co-Founder


Dr. Kristen Hollist

Pharm D, C. Ph
CFO | Co-Founder

Inspired to create a better system of healthcare delivery, Optimal Health Medical Center was founded by Drs. Abraham and Kristen Hollist.


While seeking care for their eldest son who has Sickle Cell Disease (SCD), they experienced firsthand the difficulties and inadequacies of today’s healthcare system. SCD is an inherited, life threatening blood disorder that has claimed the lives of many of their loved ones and friends. As their son’s standard medical care did not offer enough preventative solutions, they explored and researched alternative options.


Determined to do everything possible to help him beat the disease by keeping him healthy and ultimately one day finding a cure, they were able to increase their understanding of how this disease affects his body and how food/supplemental nutrition can help support his body’s deficiencies.


They modified their son’s lifestyle and nutrition to prevent him from having complications and, to this day, their son has never been hospitalized or experienced any sickle cell related complications.


As healthcare providers in their community they believe that many people will benefit from the approach they used with their son. They also understand the challenges that come with managing health and navigating the healthcare system.


Drs. Hollist created a simplified and flexible healthcare system that empowers people to be the healthiest versions of themselves. They believe that people can achieve healthier lives through support received from Optimal Health Medical Center.


“Our primary and specialty care practice is grounded in patient education focused on preventative health, collaboration with health experts across different specialties, and access to social support. Optimal Health bridges all of these elements together underneath one roof to help build the health of our community.”


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