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Optimal Living Center

Bridging together many elements to improve your health.

At Optimal Health, we believe that a variety of social, environmental and economical factors that influence lifestyle and well-being must be addressed for an individual to truly reach optimal health. Our Optimal Living Center helps clients reach their health goals by providing the knowledge and resources necessary for taking control of their health and implementing lifestyle changes. Our Optimal Living Center offers social services, food/supplement nutrition counseling, fitness coaching, chronic disease management programs, and other supportive activities. We are improving our clients  quality of life by coordinating care and providing tools necessary to prevent and manage disease.



Most of our events at the Optimal Living Center are open to the entire community, not just our patients. Check out our calendar and join our mailing list to receive notifications about our upcoming events.

Access Center


Optimal Health has an onsite access center where our patient care advocates can help eligible clients apply for assistance programs, such as the Medicaid, Food Assistance, and Temporary Cash Assistance programs. The center is also partnered with various organizations that provide support in economic well-being, education and overcoming social barriers in underserved communities. At Optimal Health we understand that health is directly influenced by these factors and more.  We provide resources and solutions to help clients  overcome these barriers to attain a happy and healthy life. Stop by to learn more about these programs.


Nutrition and Fitness


Chronic disease such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, among others can be prevented or managed properly by making the right nutrition and physical activity choices. This is why at Optimal Health we have integrated lifestyle habits into our patient’s optimal care plan.  We offer a variety of classes each month to teach clients  how to live healthier. We also connect people to nutritionists and fitness experts if they want additional training.


Health Education Programs


The time is now for you to understand how to manage your health. Our health education programs cover everything you need to know about your health. Our topics range from how to manage a simple cold to how to rehabilitate post-stroke. We have partnered with several organizations and industry experts to help implement our quality health education programs.


Community Health Events


Optimal Health is committed to empowering our community members to lead healthier lifestyles. Through our Optimal Health Foundation we  are offering free health screenings at health fairs and public facilities within our community. We also provide health education programs at organizations and businesses when requested. Our foundation also focuses on the youth through our mentorship program --providing opportunities in health related fields college preparation and an annual college scholarship.

Event Calendar Coming Soon
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